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This package is available in 2 versions:
Download Description Netbeans plugin, this can be used with the following:
  • Netbeans with the iReport plugin installed.

    Note: I have only tested with netbeans 6.0, I presume it will work latter versions

  • Windows iReport installer (> 3.1.4).
  • iReports stand alone netbeans download (e.g. iReport-nb-3.6.1.tar.gz download).

The zip file contains the net beans plugin net-sf-ffreport.nbm plus source and documentation.

FFReport_0.68.1_iReport.3.7.4.jar This will install iReport 3.7.4 with FFReport 0.68.1 preinstalled. it also contains documentation + source code for FFReport.

Note: I have used Pack200 (a java jar compression utility) to reduce the size (from 52 meg to 23 meg). There is a unpack step in the installer, this unpack should work with full installations java 1.5 or greater. If in doubt try installing RecordEditor it also uses Pack200 compression.

Note: I have tested it with sun java (Windows, Linux), open jdk (Linux) and mac java, Cut down installations of java (like some companies supply to staff) may fail.

ru_Java_Run_As_Administrator.exe This will add a Java Run as Administrator to Windows Vista right click menu. This should allow you to run the installer on Windows Vista. Alternately you could install the package some where other than Program Files (say JavaPrograms).


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