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Mainframe Files

Mainframe Files

  • Text Files
  • Fixed Length Files
  • VB Files
  • VSAM Files
  • This package does support native Mainframe files, you should be able to design reports on any platform with java installed and run these reports on any platform with java installed. That said, the designer will work better when installed on a PC.

    When working with mainframe files, you must tell it all the Mainframe attributes as there is no way of working this out. Following is an example of a Mainframe Cobol File definition.

    The important fields are:

    Font Name

    is cp037, this is US EBCIDIC

    Binary Format

    is Mainframe

    File Structure

    This is normally set to Fixed Length Binary or Mainframe VB ... or Mainframe VB Dump...

    Text Files

    Mainframe text files can be transferred to a PC (and converted to ASCII). These files can be used with the default values.

    Fixed Length Files

    Fixed Length files can be transferred to a PC and used by FFREport. The Files Structure combo should be set to Fixed Length Binary although leaving it as Default Reader normally works as well.

    VB Files

    While this package can handle Recfm=VB files provided the file contains the RDW (Record Descriptor Word - ie the record Length). Many Data Transfer methods drop this word. If you do get a VB file with the RDW, set the Files Structure combo to Mainframe VB ...

    One way to transfer a VB file to the PC is to copy the raw file including block lengths. This can be done by copying the file (and defining it as a RECFM=U) to a recfm=U file and transfer this file. The following JCL can be used to copy the VB file to a RECFMU.

    //             DISP=(MOD,DELETE),
    //             SPACE=(TRK,(30,30),RLSE),
    //             DCB=BLKSIZE=0
    //SYSUT2   DD  DSN=&OUT,
    //             DISP=(NEW,CATLG),
    //             SPACE=(TRK,(115,45),RLSE)
    //SYSIN    DD  DUMMY

    The output file from the above JCL VB.FILE.TO.TRANSMIT.RECFMU can be transferred to the PC. It will contain both the Block-Lengths and the RDW's (Record Lengths). To access this file. set the Files Structure combo to Mainframe VB Dump ...

    VSAM Files

    VSAM Files can be copied to VB files and then transferred as VB files, see "VB Files"


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