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This package provides support for using Fixed Width Flat files (and Delimited files) in Jasper Reports and Report Designers like iReports + other Report Designer that support the JRDataSourceProvider interface. It supports 3 methods for defining file formats:

The package requires java 1.5 or later. It grew out of RecordEditor example package re2jasper.

Following is an example of designing a Report using a Fixed Width Data file in iReport with the FFReport plugin

Sample Reports

Sample Report Wizard

Following is an example of a report generated with iReports report wizard:

Sample Chart Report

Following is an example of a report that uses Charts in the report

File Formats Supported

This package supports files in the following formats


Delimited files (CSV) both files with a Names on the first line and those with out the names are supported.

Standard Fixed Width

Fixed Width Flat files.


Several legacy (Mainframe, Fujitsu Cobol) Formats


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